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Leadership & Management

NASPAA Core Competency 1:

To lead and manage productively in various public service contexts by demonstrating the understanding and abilities related to decision-making processes, organizational dynamics, and human resources management within public and nonprofit sectors, including understanding the role of leadership in shaping public policy and the ability to navigate complex administrative environments.

Healthcare: Solving Wrong Pocket Problems related to Health Disparities

This portfolio piece is a case study employing the Framework for Analysis of Expenditure Policy to suggest an innovative healthcare spending strategy for the US. Despite high health-related expenditure, the US shows poor health outcomes compared to other developed nations. The paper proposes redistributing welfare-focused funding to more effectively meet comprehensive health needs and correct the "wrong pocket" problem in federal funding. The project demonstrates the NASPAA Core Competency's role in public administration, emphasizing how strategic resource allocation and effective leadership can enhance health justice. It supports a transformative leadership method to tackle systemic health inequities in the US, underscoring the practical implications of public management aimed at achieving better outcomes.

A New Effort to Address Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Care through Quality Measurement

This artifact critically analyzes Rachel Harrington's 2021 article, "A New Effort to Address Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Care through Quality Measurement". The paper delves into racial disparities in healthcare and potential solutions via quality measurement strategies. It also discusses challenges non-profit hospitals face, such as strategizing policies to eliminate racial disparities, tackling institutional racism, nurturing an anti-racist organizational culture, and leveraging incentive-based improvement initiatives. The artifact highlights the crucial role of leadership and management in fostering an anti-racist culture and leveraging these initiatives for equity using a systemic perspective on health inequities, aiming to promote health justice in healthcare.

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